Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. SSR Wonder Kids School is recognized by the Govt. of Telangana.

SSR Wonder Kids provides personal attention, high academic standards and a stimulating, supportive and challenging environment for young minds. The range of activities that go beyond classroom teaching with focus on holistic development of the child makes SSR Wonder Kids a unique place for your child.

The medium of instruction at SSR Wonder Kids School is English

Wonder Kids considers parents as partners in the education process and parents are free to meet teachers, with prior appointment, as and when necessary.

SSR Wonder Kids School is opening its doors in 2020 for pre-primary and We are planning to start the primary school.

We care about our beloved children and are always readily available for providing proper
attention to them. On an average, our schools follow a teacher- student ratio of 1:15, wherein,
one teacher takes an account for 15 students in a classroom.

Please do not send a sick child to school. If a child arrives with symptoms of illness, the child will not be permitted to stay. Parents are encouraged to keep sick children at home. Minor injuries are treated at school but parents will be contacted when the injury or illness requires further/immediate attention.

The school has installed CCTV in all classrooms. Students are always accompanied by teachers or helping staff when they are moving from one place to the other.

Most children calm down in the first five minutes after their parent leaves. If you still want us to report about your child’s behaviour/ attitude we would reach out to you on your mobile for the first few days.

Yes, SSR Wonder Kids School recognizes that most families want their children to attend the same school, both for educational and logistical reasons. Therefore, in playgroup, preference is given to a child who has one or more older siblings at Wonder Kids. The family can pay the admission fee any time after the younger child is born and reserve a place for that child.

SSR Wonder Kids School aims at developing the total personality of every child in our care, to make each child a better citizen of tomorrow by instilling qualities of leadership, respect for Indian culture and responsibility towards society. Our goal is to inculcate values that motivate children to reach their self-potential through achievement and are committed to life-long learning.

Yes. Children are encouraged to participate in various physical activities/ games.

Yes. Within a range of 5 kms

  • First fill the enquiry form through online (school website) or off line (at school)
  • Admissions in SSR Wonder Kids are given on a first come first serve basis.
  • Admission will be confirmed on submission of all the necessary documents and also on payment of first term tuition fee.

The following documents to be submitted along with the admission form:
1. Photo copy of the Date of Birth certificate of the child
2. Passport size photographs of the child (5)
3. Passport size photographs of the parents (3 each)
4. Photo copy of the Aadhar cards (child and parents)
5. Medical report certified by Physician
6. Previous school report (if applicable)